Celebrate with Cake

The perfect chocolate cake

Occasion cakes

No party is ever complete without cake. It’s a rule.

Whether it’s a birthday, leaving do, civil partnership ceremony or wedding we would love to bake up something truly special for your event.

Large or small, we can bake you a tower of brownies, a wedding cake made of pumpkin spice cake or create take home favours of biscuits and brownies. It’s your party and you can have your cake how you want to. Really.

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Give the gift of cake

Cake also makes an excellent gift that very few people (we don’t know any actually) would turn down. For a favourite client who loves chocolate, a friend who misses good Pumpkin Pie, Meringues for your Mum who you thinks you never call, or Cheesecake Brownies for the neighbour who feeds your cat. They don’t call them brownie points for nothing.